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    Didi Kanu and the Singing Dwarfs of the North

    by Jude Idada

    Didi Kanu is a charmingly curious eight-year-old girl who lives in a small village in Eastern Nigeria with her hopelessly poor family. She dreams of journeying to the parallel world of the Singing Magical Dwarfs of the North to uncover the mysteries of their existence. When her Uncle comes to take her away to the big city to live with him, her life takes an unexpected turn; a turn which is further complicated when her Uncle suffers a ghastly car accident and falls into a never-ending sleep. With the help of Ede, the mysterious village storyteller, Didi ventures into the realm of the hidden creation in a quest to learn the magical song that can awaken her Uncle. On this journey, Didi learns how to invoke the incredible forces behind her powerful imaginations and discovers the true meaning of unconditional love. Didi Kanu and the Singing Dwarfs of the North is a story of love, adventure, faith and belief. It is a family tale that would leave every reader enthralled.