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    A Time For New Dreams

    by Ben Okri


    Booker Prize-winning novelist, and one of Britain’s foremost poets, Ben Okri is a passionate advocate of the written word.

    In A Time for New Dreams he breaks new ground in an unusual collection of linked essays, which address such diverse themes as childhood, self-censorship, the role of beauty, the importance of education and the real significance of the recent economic meltdown.

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    Memoir of Crushed Petals

    By Pamilerin Jacob


    Memoir of crushed petals is a collection of poems that treats uncommon themes such as mental health and suicide from the perspective of a patient with a mental illness. The poet displays uncanny vulnerability exploring childhood traumas, multispirituality, in search of healing.

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    Tales of Freedom

    by Ben Okri


    Tales of Freedom offers a haunting necklace of images which flash and sparkle as the light shines on them. Quick and stimulating to read, but slowly burning in the memory, they offer a different, more transcendent way of looking at our extreme, gritty world.