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Farafina Trust is a non-profit organization established to promote reading, writing, a culture of social introspection and engagement with society through the literary arts.
We believe that development is not possible without a coherent knowledge of how our societies work. Literature and the arts can help deepen this understanding.

Books by this author

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    It Wasn’t Exactly Love

    Stories from the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop


    A selection of participants from the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop come together in this delightful collection of 13 stories that tell of humans and human relationships.

    Be Happy chronicles a woman’s journey to contentment in a marriage she has settled for. An adolescent is faced with a shocking reality while attending a Catholic boys’ school in A Taste of It. In An Autodidact’s Guide to Sex-Ed a woman contemplates the right time to introduce her children to sex. Domestic violence is explored in You Take Me for a Goat. Ladies Night tells of the escapades of a middle-aged married man in the city of Accra.

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    A Handful of Dust

    Stories from the 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop


    From the participants of the 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop, this collection aptly portrays the internal conflicts we suffer when the lines dividing opposing sides get blurred.