Japheth Joshua Omojuwa


Japheth Joshua Omojuwa was born on 3rd October, 1984 in Lagos.

Japheth Omojuwa is a social commentator, public speaker, farmer, philanthropist, media entrepreneur, blogger, social media influencer and expert. He is the CEO of Alpha Reach and an author on numerous reputable local and international newspapers.

He attended Kings college(1995-2001), Lagos for his secondary education before heading to Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta to major in Agricultural Economics(2004-2009) where he finished with a Second Class Upper Division. During his undergraduate studies, he worked at Newbreeze World under the Brand Development and Public Relations department.

He is currently a sought after speaker at top symposiums, conferences and university events. He is the founder and chief strategist of Alpha Reach.

In February 2012, J.J worked as a consultant for the Heinrich Boll Foundation, working on the #GreenDealNigeria project and promoting social media presence.

In 2013, JJ Omojuwa was a panelist at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Here, he discussed about data science and it’s importance in the political landscape. This year, he also lectured at Free University, Berlin on Africa – Democratic Prospects and Challenges for over a year. He also attended Africa’s number 1 practical school for brand excellence, Orange Academy. Here, he took a marketing communications course.

In 2014, Japheth was invited to the African Union as a panelist for the Africa Re-imagination Creation Hub, where he was tasked with forging a policy for Africa 2063 Framework.

In 2016, Omojuwa enrolled and completed the United States’ International Visitors Leaders Programme. The alumni of this program is highly commendable, it includes three hundred former Heads of States or Government.

Japheth is the founder of Omojuwa Foundation, he also volunteers for the NGO. OmojuwaFDN, is a nonprofit organization that promotes education in underprivileged communities. It aims to foster education and business by providing grants. It’s target is to break the circle of poverty in Nigeria’s worst affected communities. So far, 41 SME businesses have benefited from this scheme. The foundation recognizes the importance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and it plans on working to create policies bordered around wealth creation.

In 2017, he started a hashtag Support for Small businesses #SBS2017 on twitter. He released instructions to small business owners on the platform on how to win funding from him. Eventually, 70% of the grant winners were women, and the businesses ranged from confectionery shops to beauty salons and printing services.

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