• anike eleko Written by Sandra Joubead and illustrated by Alaba Onajin
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    Anike Eleko

    Written by Sandra Joubead and illustrated by Àlàbá Ònájìn, ÀNÍKÉ ELÉKO tells a colourful story
    of one girl’s courage in the face of opposition to her dreams.

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    Ellie and the Cat

    By Malorie Blackman

    Ellie is the rudest, most spoilt child her granma has ever met.  So Granma decides to show Ellie up and switches her body with Jolly the cat’s.  But Ellie is just lonely and as she gets to know the other creatures in the house, she learns she can be a good friend.

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    Folktales Are Forever

    By Efe Farinre

    This volume is the first in a collection of well-researched stories retold and of African folktales put together by Efe Farinre. We follow the usual characters (and in many cases unusual suspects) up to tricks in the animal kingdom as they traverse the landscape of our and our children’s imagination. Tortoise is still his mischievous old self. Monkey still is always restless and cannot keep still. Owl is still as wise as can be. Adults and children will be entertained by this book. These tales share the universal values of courage, friendship, kindness, and lots more that every parent was taught and desires to pass on to their children.that remembers stories they were told, and who wants to do the same for their children will enjoy this book. The songs in the stories are set to music and will provide additional fun and entertainment for the musically inclined reader.

  • Kesandu and Tari and the Candyfloss Cloud by jacqui iman on bookdealerng
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    Kesandu and Tari and the Candyfloss Cloud

    This is a diverse book that tells an old African folktale with a magical twist, filled with Whimsical African Characters. It is a must-read for Children or Adults who love  a well-told story, quality vibrant pictures and who love reading to their babies or kids.

  • mafoya and the finish line book by ayo oyeku bookdealerng
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    Mafoya and the Finish Line

    At only sixty-one pages, Mafoya and the Finish Line is a fine blend of fantasy and realism.

    It is about an ambitious schoolgirl, the eponymous Mafoya, who outsmarts other people through cunning means. Because of this, a bizarre whirlwind seizes her during a competition and carries her to a mysterious place where she will learn some principles.

    Mafoya and the Finish Line is a book about journeys, literally and metaphorically. Life – with its series of experiences that take a person from one point to another – is itself a journey. Mafoya and the Finish Line is captivating and the story is bound to remain with its young readers for a long tim

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    Mayowa and the Masquerades

    By Lola Shoneyin

    Mayowa is unhappy because he has been told he will be visiting his grandmother in Ilisan. When he gets there, grandma pairs him up with the ever-hungry, fun- loving Denuyi. Together, they explore the town and all its wonders. By the time he returns to Lαgos, Mαyowa learns that there is more to life than computer games.

  • mystery at ebenezer lodge book by dunni olatunde on thebookdealerng
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    Mystery At Ebenezer Lodge

    The book, Mystery at Ebenezer Lodge is quite an interesting story of children who spend time at their grandmother’s house for a week. What started out as an uncertain time turned out to be quite an adventure. The book is relatable and enjoyable because as a Nigerian child, you can recognize yourself in the characters.

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    Princess Arabella and the Giant Cake

    By Mylo Freeman

    A new title in the popular ‘Princess Arabella’ series. It is almost Granny’s birthday and Princess Arabella and her friends set out to bake the most DELICIOUS and most GIGANTIC cake in the entire world. But who will be the winner – Princess Arabella, Prince Mimoen, Princess Sophie or Princess Ling?

    A delightful picture book for children aged 3+