• burning bright book by maryam awaisu sickle cell survivor #arewametoo thebookdealerng
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    Burning Bright

    Burning Bright is not a story about statistics, but of an over-achieving young lady, who is determined not to let sickle cell anemia stand in her way.

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    Discover It Early

    In ‘DISCOVER IT EARLY’, Courage Idahor distils self-discovery down to its essential components and emphasizes the importance of early discovery. He gives a practical guide to self-discovery and maximising full potentials.

    This book underscores some tips to developing and maintaining a winning attitude, innovation curve, self-management not time management, walking the labyrinth, learning the art of journaling, personal retreat, young leaders interviews, recognising and maximising opportunities…

    He also shares some opportunity websites where persons can get opportunities to develop themselves.

    This book is highly inspirational. You will be encouraged, provoked and stimulated to begin your journey of self-discovery as you read this book. This book charges the reader to be intentional about life and not leave anything to chance. This book is indeed loaded with great values and it is intended to cause a tremendous impact in the lives of readers.

    This book is highly recommended for all young persons and those who are zealous to live life to the fullest with utmost fulfilment.

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    The Principles for Priceless Purpose Manifestation

    By Apostle Franklyn Osaro Osakue

    Every man has great gifts and potentails in him that need to be discovered. When it is discovered and engaged with all diligence, with full determination and a mindset to please God with the gift, it will definitely result in success and fulfillment.

    Consequently, a man of purpose must be regulated by revealed divine principles for fulfilment to be realized. the principles in this book are divinely coated to drive purpose to achievement. This book is written to empower men and women with purpose to achieve same as the redemptive design for humanity has settled this issue.

    This book is a must read, if you want to be fulfilled according to the will of God designed for your life. The book will help you to recharge your spiritual strength bank and put you in charge of life affairs. Ultimately, it will influence you in the direction of God’s will for you.