by Marvellous Micheal



Mote, a young Nigerian painter, believes she had found the love of her life: Jack, an American architect. Together, they survive the problems that stir up from their interracial union. However, when tragedy befalls their close-knit family of four, Mote is forced to relive the past—revealing harboured secrets and uncovering old truths.

Ara, having watched her father fire the shot that killed her only brother, is enraged and hell-bent on revealing what she had witnessed to anyone who cares to listen. She battles to reconcile the man she once called father and the man whom she saw murder his son. She will yet find out that they may have harboured a stranger in their home.

Jack finds himself living in the shadows of his life, caught up in a web of lies that threaten his life and his reality. Although he tries to find his way back, he soon finds himself making decisions that seem to draw him further away from the truth as he forms new bonds and allegiances. As time goes on, he finds that he is becoming the man he swore to kill.

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Marvellous Micheal has been writing poems and short stories for over ten years and directing them as short plays in her local community.

Marvellous is not limited to the art of stringing words together; she wrote and produced her first short film in 2016. She is a recipient of the 2017 AFRIFF Film School Scholarship Program.

With a BSc in Economics, she works as an auditor in the day and a storyteller at night. She is a member of the Abuja Literary Society. She lives with her family in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.