The Farm


by Adesuwa Ehinome Iluobe


The Farm is a collection of stories which are reflections on Nigeria and her experiences. The Farm is the lead story, set in a rustic part of Nigeria, an unusual farm records uncommon success and productivity in its operations.

Separated from her loved ones, Moremi is flung into an unfamiliar world that is highly expectant of her. Amidst fatal changes, bizarre alliances, quest for wealth and love, she finds an unlikely friend in Ugonna. Together they must do their part to ensure continued success of the Farm. With each choice they make, their lives unfolds before them until they stumble upon a shattering revelation that unsettles what little balance there is at the farm.

In Elusion, Ese and Ibrahim take us on a thrilling journey that highlights the bond between the duo, which introduced them to each other’s peculiarities and uniqueness both in their cultural and religious differences. Their bond further grows into a formidable love tangle that thrives despite the awakening of terrorism in the country.

Human showcases the struggle of a Mother confronted with protecting her son from the reality of stigmatization and keeping him from battering other children who tease him with as Afin; a term he demands his mother to explain.

Asabe and Hassanah share a close knit friendship in Residue  that is almost torn apart by insatiable needs and an ailing country.

The last story One Year is a story of a young girl whose missing friend has caused her family despair and misery.  It was first published by Brittle Paper, a leading African Literary e-mag.

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